All headsets subject to warranty claim and service repairs to be returned directly to:

Laurence Walter House
Addison Rd
Chilton Ind. Est.
CO10 2YW • UK

Clement Clarke Communications
To help you get the best from your Clement Clarke Headset:
  • Position the ear cushion over the centre of the ear and adjust the T-bar to suit.
  • Position your Microphone at least 25mm from your lips, but not more than 40mm
  • The white dot must face you. This is the correct position to transmit your voice clearly to benefit from the ambient noise cancelling microphone. Always use the microphone windshield.
  • The flexi microphone boom makes correct positioning easy but, please avoid microphone rotation beyond 90 degrees in either direction to ensure long product life.
  • Attach the clip to your clothing around chest level, leaving enough slack cable to allow you to move freely. To reposition, compress the end button and slide it along the cord.
  • For personal mobility pull the connector directly apart-the TC-1 Quick Release will give best performance used this way – avoid biscuit snapping.
  • If you wish to clean your headset , please use a medicated wipe or a lint-free damp cloth.
  • 12 Month Warranty- date and serial number is marked on the ear shell.