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For over 65 years Clement Clarke Communications have been providing headset technology to many of the worlds Defence Establishments, Airlines and Air Traffic Control Centres together with many household brand names when it comes to contact or call centres. If you are looking for reliability, durability and performance driven technology then you have found your partner.

Veiw our profile on Airport Suppliers website and find out more information on what Clement Clarke Communications provides airports and Air Traffic Control (ATC) centres worldwide.


CLEMENT CLARKE COMMUNICATIONS provide a range of solutions for Corporate Communications that we guarantee will take the hassle out of headsets forever.



The Ministry of Defence, NATO and Defence Departments globally trust the quality, durability and reliability of Clement Clarke Communications Defence products and services.



Clement Clarke Communications excels at providing individually tailored products to meet the demands and technological developments of the airways.



We have created a portfolio of emergency services products and solutions that understand and meet the unique requirements and changing technologies of the emergency services.